All-in-One SEO Plugin Review: How Effective Is It?

All-in-One SEO Plugin Review: How Effective Is It?

An Evaluation of the All-in-One SEO Plugin: How Effective Is It? [Updated 2024]

written by: Adam Pennell  08/04/2024

An Evaluation of the All-in-One SEO Plugin

Are you looking for a comprehensive evaluation of all-in-one SEO?

If you are seeking a better option to the SEO plugin that you are now using or if you are looking for an SEO plugin for your new WordPress site, this post is going to be of assistance to you.


In the field of WordPress SEO plugins, All-in-One SEO asserts that it is the best one available. But is it accurate, in all honesty?

On the other hand, we make use of the all-in-one SEO plugin ourselves. Therefore, we made the decision to put it to the test and finally get to the bottom of this riddle by applying some elbow grease in the traditional manner!

Let's get started with a comprehensive study of all-in-one SEO.

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A Quick Overview of All-in-One SEO

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is one of the most praised SEO plugins in the WordPress community. The original version was fully rebuilt to incorporate a ton of additional features and extensions. So, if you utilized AIOSEO in the past, you need to check out the plugin once again.

Not only does AIOSEO include SEO capabilities robust enough to adopt current SEO best practices, but you also receive sophisticated SEO options to handle particular SEO concerns right out of the box. This includes:

  • Local SEO modules for small enterprises with a local audience

  • WooCommerce SEO for online retailers

  • An SEO optimizer within your WordPress editor

  • Smart sitemaps for quick indexing on search engines

  • A Schema plugin to get your content to rank in the Rich Snippets

And a lot more!

In short, all-in-one SEO helps you correctly set up WordPress SEO without ever needing to engage an expert. And if the 3+ million clients of All in One SEO are to be believed (us included), AIOSEO is a superb search engine optimization program for any SEO demand.

It’s excellent for bloggers and small company owners since it enables you to take care of SEO without needing to employ an expert.

Remember: You can only connect the Google Search Console with All-in-One SEO. If you require more thorough website statistics, you may consider using the MonsterInsights plugin to

All-in-One SEO Plugin

How to Set Up All-in-One SEO

One of the key reasons why I appreciate AIOSEO is that it’s very straightforward to use. The fact that everything is one click away makes it even more amazing.

After you download and install the plugin, you will receive the Setup Wizard:

All-in-One SEO Plugin


And the setup procedure will take less than 10 minutes.

But what if you’re transferring from another SEO plugin? Every plugin treats metadata differently. So, do you have to do everything from scratch? Is all your past labor wasted?

No! If All in One SEO discovers another SEO plugin during the Setup Wizard, it’ll offer to copy over the basic settings for you:

Clicking on Fix Now won’t destroy the settings in your previous SEO plugin. It merely deactivates the plugin to avoid conflicts.

All-in-One SEO Plugin

What Can All-in-One SEO Do for Your Brand?

of this review, we won’t go over exactly one feature of AIOSEO. Honestly, there are too many features for us to examine all of them. So, we’ll concentrate on the qualities that we’ve utilized to earn higher rankings ourselves.

We feel that All in One SEO is the greatest WordPress SEO plugin. But we suggest reading our full all-in-one SEO review before installing it on your WordPress website.

Take a peek for yourself:

#1. Site Audit Checklist

Once you set up the AIOSEO plugin, you receive a Site Audit Checklist that enables you to obtain a fast overview of the complete site’s SEO health.

In actuality, an SEO audit is pretty involved and might take hours to be done manually. But with All in One SEO, you receive a fast overview combined with practical tips to boost your SEO:

You’ll want to pay attention to critical issues, as they are the items that might be damaging your rankings already. The in-depth content analysis includes title tags, post content, and even Open Graph tags.

All-in-One SEO Plugin


You should pay close attention to Critical Issues since they are the items that might already be affecting your rankings, and you will want to avoid doing so. Including Open Graph tags, title tags, and post content, the comprehensive content analysis covers all of these aspects.

You should pay close attention to Critical Issues since they are the items that might already be affecting your rankings

#2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Preview

A big issue with many WordPress SEO plugins is that you can’t check how your content shows on a search engine. With AIOSEO Pro, you receive a preview of what your pages and articles look like when a user searches for your target term.

All-in-One SEO Plugin

You may also build up your knowledge graph information, which is effectively metadata about your firm. This makes it simpler for Google to discover this information and present it in results. This includes:

  • Your name, or the name of your website

  • Phone number

  • Logo

  • Opening hours


This is particularly important for local SEO, but you may use it to provide company details if you have physical offices as well.

#3. Social Network Integrations

The Social Networks settings page enables you to modify how your postings show up on the social networks you’re using to promote your content.

You may edit this material on each page and post, or you can just repeat your preferences across all social media platforms. The nicest thing is that you can utilize the post title as your social media post title if you’re not into developing original content.

#4. Multiple Sitemaps for Better Indexing

All-in-one SEO allows you to generate four distinct kinds of sitemaps:

  • General

  • Video

  • Google News

  • RSS

Why? Sitemaps are vital for search engines to crawl your site and all its information effectively. You don’t have to activate all four sitemaps, but you’ll certainly want to utilize the General sitemap so you can restrict the types of articles that Google detects.

And even then, you may restrict the kind of material you want Google to index, including taxonomies:

You may also utilize the advanced settings to:

  • Include or omit specific URLs, articles, pages, photos, and even keywords from your sitemap.

  • Control the priority of each URL.

  • Set an update frequency.

  • Manually set the last modified date.

And more! You can also make news sitemaps for your WordPress website quite easily.

Pro Tip: You can also conceal pages in WordPress from search engines like Google and Bing using all-in-one SEO. Check out our post on how to hide pages in WordPress for more information.

#5. Instant URL Redirects

Ever removed a page or a post on WordPress before? If you have, you should know that every time you do it, your site sends a 404 error to anybody attempting to see that material.

The appropriate technique to remove a page is to redirect the URL to another URL after you delete it.

But the thing is, there are numerous protocols for redirecting canonical URLs, and you have to know what you’re doing. if you do it manually.

Using AIOSEO, this whole procedure is automated using their redirection manager:

All in One SEO can also make automated redirections, and it’s one of the finest 301 redirect WordPress plugins. For example, if you remove a blog article, AIOSEO will step in and ask you to establish a redirect from the old URL to a new one.

#6. Local SEO

The Local SEO addon for All in One SEO enables you to market a local company using SEO.

Since much local SEO is absolutely reliant on local search results, such as Google Maps results, the knowledge graph becomes incredibly crucial. Using AIOSEO, you can change your:

  • Business address

  • Services

  • Contact information

  • Tax or VAT ID

  • Payment mechanisms

  • Price range

In this manner, any local searches concerning your brand or the services you offer always return relevant information, and your firm is well represented.

#7. On-Page Optimization

One of the most crucial components of SEO is on-page SEO. And AIOSEO enables you to produce SEO content every time with TruSEO.

TruSEO is an SEO analysis tool incorporated within your WordPress editor. It’s totally Gutenberg-friendly, and it delivers practical insights to boost the SEO of everything you write.

TruSEO ranks your content based on:

  • Keyword relevancy

  • Basic SEO

  • Title Optimization

  • Readability

TruSEO is more complex than other SEO plugins, and it takes many more aspects into consideration to calculate a score. Of all, there is no “one single rule” to SEO since Google’s search algorithm is continuously evolving. But over time, the core notion of developing SEO content is built on these four important aspects.

If we expand the Basic SEO box, you may obtain ideas to improve your content, SEO title, and meta description for the target keyword or keyphrase:

It is important to note that TruSEO is completely compatible with MonsterInsights. You are now able to get both a content score and a headline score in a single look if you are using the MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer:

Very nice!

#8. Schema Markup for Rich Snippets

Featured snippets occupy the most valuable marketing real estate in search results. They’re particularly crucial if a substantial percentage of your audience accesses your website from mobile devices, since a highlighted snippet fills up the whole screen on a mobile device.

Here’s the kicker: A highlighted snippet is merely one sort of rich snippet.

And although rich snippets don’t automatically ensure that you’ll obtain a featured snippet or even higher ranks directly, the search appearance does enhance the click-through rates on your website. Typically, to acquire rich snippets, you’d need to learn how to code a little bit to incorporate microdata or JSON-LD in your site’s HTML.

But all-in-one SEO makes it incredibly simple to apply schema markup automatically:

It’s as easy as picking the correct content and markup types. The plugin takes care of the rest.

#9. Robots.txt Editor

The robots.txt file governs how search engines explore your site. By disabling search engines from indexing your website’s unneeded pages, including your WordPress admin page, plugin files, and themes folder, you may get your vital pages indexed much quicker.

The robots.txt also provides the address of the XML sitemaps. So, the robots.txt editor is one of the easiest SEO tools with a lot of influence for novices.

And it’s incredibly simple to put this up directly from the WordPress admin using AIOSEO:

Normally, you’d have to discover the robots.txt file on your server to edit it.

Here, it’s a question of just pointing and clicking at what you want crawling and what you don’t:

And it’s all from your WordPress dashboard!

#10. WooCommerce SEO

AIOSEO provides a pretty amazing plugin for WooCommerce SEO that helps you optimize eCommerce product names, product descriptions, and product pictures for increased traffic and clicks. And like with any other content category, you can use tags to generate dynamic titles and descriptions. You may also add breadcrumbs for simple navigation on your site.

#11. Image SEO

Are you wanting to automatically set the image alternative text and title attribute for all pictures in the content of your articles and pages?

AIOSEO can assist you with that:

And like with any other content category, you can use tags to generate dynamic titles and descriptions. You may also add breadcrumbs for simple navigation on your site.

#11. Image SEO

Are you wanting to automatically set the image alternative text and title attribute for all pictures in the content of your articles and pages?

AIOSEO can assist you with that:

Pro Tip: You may also make some of your photographs interactive and divert some traffic to your YouTube channel. The external links might assist with the video SEO as well.

#12. RSS Content for SEO

Content scrapers are continuously hunting for popular new content to steal.

When they republish your blog content using your RSS feed, your SEO rankings might be permanently impacted. All in One SEO makes it simple to add automated credits to the end of each item in your RSS feed, so you can be sure to obtain the correct recognition from Google for your effort.

And that’s pretty much all you need to do!

#13. Keyword Rank Tracking

You also receive a built-in SEO rank tracker to stay on top of your SEO rankings.

Remember: You can only connect the Google Search Console with All-in-One SEO. If you require more thorough website statistics, you may consider downloading the MonsterInsights plugin to add Google statistics to your WordPress site.

Head over to the Search Statistics section of the WordPress plugin to obtain a summary of your keyword rankings in WordPress:

Head over to the Search Statistic

The main dashboard also contains a Keyword Rankings section that displays an overview of your top keywords and top winning and losing keywords.


 Keyword Rankings


  • Figuring out which keywords are dropping in rank is like figuring out where your jigsaw parts are missing. It helps you find out what’s happening on those pages and design a strategy to win those places back.

    Once you have a broad sense of your keyword performance, the next step is to view the Keyword Rankings report. You can also get additional information about your content’s rank here.

also contains a Keyword Rankings

If you go down farther, you can even see the precise articles that are gaining or losing search rankings. More than that, you may select your top keywords by clicking and view their ranks instantly.


  • This is where you obtain a thorough report of all your keywords and their performance on SERPs. Scrolling down to the Keyword Performance section provides you with a closer look into how particular keywords are doing.

    This is the location where you receive a detailed report about all the terms you’re employing and how well they’re performing in search results. When you go down to the Keyword Performance portion, you delve further into how each term is performing on its own.

If you click on the Top Winning page, you will notice the keywords that are growing in rank.



Besides analyzing your top-winning keywords, you may also track your top-losing keywords. Click the Top Losing tab in the Keyword Performance report to achieve it.


  • This section displays keywords that are falling in rank. This is crucial information, as it tells you the keywords and content to be optimized. If your keyword ranks are slipping, then you need to refresh your material right now.


    #14. Feature Manager

    As you’ve previously seen, all-in-one SEO includes a ton of features:

And you may not need all of them at once. That’s why AIOSEO provides you with a feature manager to activate or turn off specific features in the premium version:



Many of these capabilities are addons, and many of these extra features are centered on particular use cases. This covers SEO for AMP sites as well. You also receive a link helper to boost your internal linking strategy. So, it’s good to look over these addons to set up the ones you need and deactivate the ones you don’t.


  • All-in-One SEO Pricing

    There’s one last aspect to examine before we reach our conclusion. How much does the pro edition of All in One SEO cost?


  • If you consider how inexpensive it is and all the capabilities that All in One SEO has to offer, it’s evident that the plugin is a wonderful match for small companies. And the greatest thing is that you can utilize the free version if you’re operating a hobby site.

    Is All-in-One SEO the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

    All-in-one SEO is strong, simple to use, and economical. It’s also packed with one-click capability that allows you to automate SEO without employing an SEO consultant. It’s incredibly inexpensive, and you receive top-tier service. So, it’s excellent for small firms trying to develop. In our view, it makes it the greatest SEO plugin for WordPress.

    At the same time, its SEO settings are significantly more straightforward to use than Yoast SEO or Rank Math. If you connect AIOSEO with Semrush, you can import focus keyphrases right into your site. Penny for a penny, all-in-one SEO is an excellent investment if you want to develop organic traffic to your site.

    Speaking of which, have you tried utilizing push notifications on your site yet? Push notifications are incredibly wonderful tools to enhance repeat visitors and site engagement. We suggest utilizing PushEngage to deliver your push alerts.

    PushEngage is the #1 push notification software in the world. So, if you haven’t already,


Outline of the Article

  1. Introduction to WordPress SEO Plugins
    • What are SEO plugins?
    • Importance of SEO for WordPress websites.
  2. Understanding All-in-One SEO
    • Overview of All-in-One SEO plugin.
    • Benefits of using All-in-One SEO.
  3. Setting Up All-in-One SEO
    • Installation process.
    • Configuration steps.
  4. Exploring AIOSEO Free Features
    • Features available in the free version.
    • How to utilize them effectively.
  5. Utilizing AIOSEO Paid Plan Features
    • Overview of premium features.
    • How they enhance SEO efforts.
  6. Target Audience for AIOSEO
    • Who can benefit from using AIOSEO?
    • Industries or businesses suitable for this plugin.
  7. Cost and Pricing
    • Is All in One SEO free?
    • Payment methods supported by AIOSEO.
    • Refund policy overview.
  8. The Importance of SEO Plugins
    • Why businesses need SEO plugins.
    • How they streamline SEO tasks.
    • How they simplify SEO duties.
    • How they simplify SEO duties.

     9. Choosing the Right AIOSEO Plan

    • Comparison of various plans.

    • Which plan meets your requirements best?

     10. Conclusion

Why do you need a WordPress SEO plugin?

In the crowded internet world, exposure is crucial. When it comes to websites powered by WordPress, ensuring they rank highly in search engine results is vital for obtaining organic visitors. This is where SEO plugins come into play. These plugins are aimed at improving your website's content, structure, and meta tags, making it more search engine-friendly.

How do I set up all-in-one SEO?

Setting up all-in-one SEO is a basic procedure. Firstly, you need to install the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Once installed, visit the settings tab and customize the basic features, such as the site title, meta description type, and homepage settings. Additionally, you may go into more complex options to fine-tune your SEO approach.

How to Use AIOSEO Free Features?

Even in its free edition, All-in-One SEO provides a wealth of options to increase your website's SEO performance. These include XML sitemap production, title and meta description optimization, and schema markup integration. By exploiting these characteristics correctly, you may boost your website's exposure without investing a dollar.

How to Use AIOSEO Paid Plan Features?

Upgrading to a subscription plan unlocks a number of premium capabilities that take your SEO efforts to the next level. From complex schema markup to local SEO optimization, the premium plans provide a full arsenal for increasing your website's search engine exposure. By investing in these features, you can remain ahead of the competition and bring more organic traffic to your site.

Who Should Use AIOSEO?

AIOSEO is a flexible plugin ideal for a broad variety of users. Whether you're a small company owner, blogger, or eCommerce shop owner, this plugin may help enhance your website's search engine rankings. Additionally, agencies and developers may benefit from AIOSEO's powerful functionality for managing many client websites easily.

Is all-in-one SEO free?

Yes, All in One SEO provides a free edition with minimal capabilities to boost your website's SEO performance. However, for more extensive functionality and expanded features, customers may subscribe to one of the premium subscriptions provided by the plugin.

What are the payment methods supported by AIOSEO?

AIOSEO allows multiple payment methods to cater to people globally. These include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other common payment channels. The versatility of payment options guarantees a smooth purchase experience for consumers across various areas.

What is All-in-One SEO’s refund policy?

All-in-One SEO provides a refund policy to bring peace of mind to its consumers. If you're not pleased with the plugin or its features, you may request a refund within a specific amount of time, generally within 14 or 30 days after purchase, depending on the plan.

Why do you need an SEO plugin?

An SEO plugin streamlines the process of optimizing your website for search engines. It automates laborious operations, delivers vital insights, and ensures your site complies with SEO best practices. With an SEO plugin like All-in-One SEO, you can save time and effort while enhancing your website's visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

Which is the best AIOSEO plan?

The optimal AIOSEO package relies on your individual demands and expectations. If you're just starting off and require basic SEO capability, the free version can serve. However, for advanced features and professional assistance, subscribing to one of the expensive plans is suggested. Consider aspects such as budget, website size, and desired features when picking the perfect plan for your organization.


In today's competitive internet market, optimizing your website for search engines is non-negotiable. With the correct SEO plugin, like All-in-One SEO, you can simplify your optimization efforts, increase your search engine ranks, and attract more organic visitors to your site. Whether you're a rookie or an experienced webmaster, investing in an SEO plugin is a prudent investment that may pay considerable dividends in the long term.

Unique FAQs

  1. If I have many websites, is it possible to utilize all-in-one SEO?  You are able to utilize the plugin on many websites, which makes all-in-one SEO an excellent choice for agencies or developers that are responsible for maintaining several client websites, respectively.

  2. Exist any tools for doing keyword research inside All-in-One SEO?  Despite the fact that All-in-One SEO does not come with its own keyword research tools, it is able to interact with prominent keyword research platforms in a smooth manner, which enables you to properly optimize your content.

  3. Does using AIOSEO require a certain level of technological expertise?  All-in-one SEO, on the other hand, is meant to be user-friendly, with user interfaces that are easy to understand and documentation that is useful in guiding users through the process of setting up and configuring the software.

  4. Is it possible for me to swap between different AIOSEO plans?  It is true that you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your AIOSEO plan at any moment in order to accommodate your ever-changing demands and wants.

  5. What kind of customer assistance does AIOSEO provide? Undoubtedly, AIOSEO has a dedicated customer support team that is there to help consumers with any questions or problems that may arise throughout their trip through the SEO process.


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